Last night I couldn’t sleep
because there was an empty space
where your body use to lie
And it felt wrong without your
arm draped over my waist
Lately I’ve missed your heartbeat
pounding in my ear
when I slept with my head against your chest
And I’ve been waking up cold
because I no longer have your body to keep me warm
I haven’t slept right in months
because all I can think about is how
wrong it feels with out you here next to me
-Insomnia: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)

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Hey I’m Ralphy, i love meeting new people. I never get messages :( and I’d love to make someone smile today. :)image

omg you’re SO hot :o you must get 1000s of messages a day!!

I actually never really get any :(

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"be yourself"

what even is that?


i just want a pretty face and nice clothes


i just want a pretty face and nice clothes


I need to marry someone hot so our children will have a 50/50 chance of being hot




I’m so much cooler on tumblr than in real life but I’m not even cool on tumblr

This is so true I need to hit myself with a frying pan because of it.

please don’t hit yourself with a frying pan??

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